Samsung Galaxy X SM-G888N0 long rumored foldable phone certified in Korea

Samsung Galaxy X - a Samsung foldable phone

Since 2012 Samsung has been teasing the futuristic foldable phone and it looks likes all rumored Samsung Galaxy X SM-G888N0 could soon become reality.

Korea’s National Radio Research Agency(NRRA) has certified SM-G888N0 smartphone, which is believed to be the first foldable phone that the company has been teasing for years. Quite interestingly, Samsung SM-G888N0 model, codenamed as “Galaxy X” or “Project Valley” is well on course to make debut very soon, maybe early next year at Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, Spain.

The SM-G888N0 model previously was spotted in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth certification last April. Back in 2012, the South Korean smartphone giant talked about the possible foldable device when it showed up the YOUM flexible OLED display technology. Yet, the project gets pushed back because the company struggled with finance problems first, executives and the famous Galaxy Note 7 fiasco of exploding smartphones.

LG failed miserably to bring mobile innovation to normal public use. They first came up with 3D phones in 2011 and then bendable phones with G Flex in October 2013. The company also unveiled its successor, G Flex in 2014 and that too failed to achieve success. A possible reason might be that the people are less likely to invest in costly phones. Only a few percentage of people will purchase $1000 or more priced handsets.

Currently, Apple’s new innovation as premium iPhone i.e., iPhone X is priced at $999 and let’s see how people react to it.

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