Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is expected to feature Breathalyzer Integrated into S-Pen

Samsung Note 9 patents

Even though the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 isn’t launched, its successor, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, rumors pops-up. So, do we have the rumors of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus as well.

The newly unearthed patent application by Samsung, states that the Galaxy Note 9 has an interesting feature. The S Pen stylus, that has a breathalyzer built-in along with the microphone. The patent that was filed accompanied by the drawings basically portray as to how the set up could work.

Samsung Note 9 patents

Stylus is believed to be bendable. The interesting feature of breathalyzer when used, would be protruding outside its housing a little bit, bent to almost a 90-degree angle. The mobile also has the feature of the microphone as well.

A gas sensor is found in the small section of the S Pen along with the exhalation sensing function. The microphone works in tandem with the sensor to analyze the alcohol content in the user’s breath. Hence, it might lead to a decrease in drunken calls to exes globally.

Currently, it is a patent and hence, an expectation is that it might be put to use very soon. If done so, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be the first smartphone from South Korean company to feature an under display fingerprint sensor.

According to KGI Securities, a year later Samsung is expected to launch the smartphone Galaxy9 with a fingerprint sensor embedded under the display.

Samsung is also expected to switch from Synaptics to Egis for the supply of Galaxy Note 9’s fingerprint sensor. The process yet to be on the ‘live section’ is a much-awaited series.

New, yet to come in series after the Galaxy S8 would obviously be viewed with a more effective expectation as the developments in the same is done based on the previously released phones by any mobile companies, including Samsung.

There are more chances of the wait to be longer, however, the wait has its benefits for the best!