Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to get it’s own ‘3D Touch’ Pressure Sensitivity Display

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 promo

The pre-order for the new series of Samsung’s next Galaxy Note 8 is expected to be live from September 1, this year. The report from the Korea Herald states that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will feature a pressure-sensitive S-Pen stylus, along with the display having pressure-sensitive capabilities, which is similar to that of Apple Phones.

The phone also is expected to come with its own version of 3D Touch, also called as Force Touch. The phone will use the same solution adopted for the current Galaxy S8 to replace all the functionality of a home button and open a hidden menu with shortcuts to different features.

It is speculated as a matter of fact that Android 7.1 Nougat’s New Application shortcuts are implemented along with ‘Force Touch feature’ for accessing direct actions right from the app icon.

Again the unveiling of the product will be done on August 23, before going for the pre-order concept as mentioned above. The official teaser says, “Do bigger things” to signify more effective and larger display apart from the inclusion of more features over current trending flagships. A good move in fact undertaken by Samsung, which will prove its stand in the ‘race’.

The official arrival date in will be September 15, but a pre-activation period for the will begin on September 9. Consumers will be able to try out the Galaxy Note 8 between August 25 and August 31 by visiting Samsung retail stores or carrier network outlets.

The roadmap leaked in Korean and applies to South Korea, but it will likely also apply to the US (due to the New York launch) and other regions as well.

More of the aspects that are spent on the fact of having the smartphone is the appearance and features it showcases. Samsung has done the best work in terms of the features and implementation of the accessibility, which will for sure be a boost towards the selling factor of the said phone.

Customers want creative ideas and comparatively be the best, which Samsung has paved way towards without being a renunciation aspect about the innovative features.