Samsung takes on Apple in Wireless Speaker segment with Bixby Speakers

Samsung Bixby
Image Source: CNET

The speakers, which are really ‘smart speakers’ will be introduced by Samsung. It has become a kind of proficiency to produce ‘smart speakers’ by the electronic companies off late. To name those who started the hierarchy at first by introducing it include, Amazon Google, Apple, Lenovo, Essential, Harman Kardon, HP etc.

Samsung is developing voice-activated smart speaker and with the rivals on the go, the company is looking for a larger impact of its product than the ones which came into the market or is yet to come into the market, such as Siri-enabled Apple HomePod Speaker which will hit the market by December as per reports.

This particular project of Samsung is internally code-named “Vega” and it’s powered by proprietary Bixby virtual assistant. However, the features of the product are not yet revealed. The Bixby assistant currently can support only Galaxy 8 users in Korea and is yet to enhance the ‘English voice support’.

The Siri rival was announced in the month of March, much ahead of the debut of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, however, due to the hindrance caused by the English version in Bixby, Samsung has to yet prove its mark. Samsung said that Bixby would be introduced after the second half of July.

Amazon’s Echo covers 70 percent of the U.S. market involving the ‘connected speakers’, Google Home captures around 24 percent – reports by eMarketer, a research firm said. The firm also stated that the use of the speakers by Americans would be doubled from the last year’s count and would end up with a figure ranging to 36 million this year.

Samsung sure can get a good chunk of the market if it foregoes and brushes off the hampering effects with the required essence of task building factor and concentrate on getting the product into the market. If not as per Wall Street Journal, Samsung would not get profit by the end of 2017. The specifications are expected to be revealed by the company by next spring as per the sources.

We need to wait and watch the effect of Samsung’s innovation success and yes there is hope because the Korean consumer electronics maker already has connected devices.