Saif Ali Khan’s view on Sonu Nigam Azaan Controversy!

Sonu Nigam Azaan controversy
Saif Ali Khan (Image Licensed under CC by CC0)

For last few days, Sonu Nigam is in the limelight due to his tweet regarding Azaan. Sonu Nigam has tweeted that even though he is not a Muslim, the morning Azaan on loudspeakers is forcing him to wake up early in the morning. He has also criticized the use of loudspeakers by temples and Gurudwaras, but his tweet has resulted in a controversy because it has provoked a debate about Islam.

Many celebrities from the Hindi film industry have expressed their opinion about the tweet, and the latest addition to the list of celebrities is Sail Ali Khan. It is to be said that Sai Ali Khan has expressed his views regarding many issues along with the Azaan controversy.
Saif Ali Khan said that, even though he hound those tweets a bit aggressive, he could understand that the lesser decibel is always better for everyone. Saif Ali Khan further said that the amplification of the sound of Azaan is the sign of insecurity felt by the minority communities. When a community is in the minority, it feels the need to make its presence known and it seeks acceptance from others. Azaan in the morning should be considered as a method to achieve this. He gave an example of Israel where three religious communities are staying together, and he believes the theory because much content has been written about the same.

Saif further added that when a person objects to these practices, the people from that particular community may feel insecure and offended. He said that there should be some constraints on the decibel levels permitted for all religions, but we have to remain a secular country and remember that religion is a private affair of ever individual.

Even though Saif Ali Khan has expressed his opinions and views in a balanced manner, people have slammed him for saying that Sonu Nigam’s tweet was aggressive. He was criticised on Twitter by many, but Saif chose not to respond to such negative tweets. When he was contacted for a response on this negative tweets, he said that he does not like to talk repeatedly about the same issue.