Safeway, Vons Set Out With Shipt’s Same-Day Grocery Delivery Services

Shipt Ties Up With Gordon Food Service Store And Launches Same-Day Delivery In Four U.S. Cities
Shipt Ties Up With Gordon Food Service Store And Launches Same-Day Delivery In Four U.S. Cities

Safeway and Vons, two conventional Albertson’s superstore chains have entered the competition head on through their online grocery delivery segment. By partnering with Shipt’s delivery services that cover key metropolitan areas, these supermarkets are breaking the conventional norms and setting their digital footprints in the same-day delivery game.

Safeway is a grocery chain mainly located out of Western US and Mid-Atlantic region. Safeway has introduced the Shipt same-day delivery service from its stores in 13 markets. The service operates from metros such as Denver, Fort Collins, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Baltimore, Tucson, Phoenix, Reno, Seattle, Spokane, Eugene, Portland and Washington D.C.

With the convenience of online ordering through app or website, customers can order from anywhere and their products will be delivered to their doorstep the same day. Amongst the other stores that deliver through external delivery services, Safeway has extended its reach of the online delivery services to over 10.9 million households in the new market areas.

Florida residents have enthusiastically supported Shipt, and as it continues to evolve, we are committed to bringing our clients, a diverse selection of products from their favorite trusted retailers across the country, now including stores like Safeway and Vons”, says Bill Smith, Founder and CEO of Shipt.

He further believes highly in the continuous rapid expansion happening across the online retail offering space. Safeway customers already know the value of convenience, and this expansion gives them a new way to access their favorite Safeway signature products”, Smith adds.

The other Albertsons Cos. store, Vons, has also started same-day delivery in Las Vegas for groceries and household essentials. They debuted in April and the expansion stretches access to over 670,000 households.

Vons is a thrilling addition in Las Vegas for Shipt members. This marketplace expansion unlocks more product offerings, buying options and a key to the local retail shopping”, Smith commented.

Safeway and Vons are offering the new Shipt members a discount of $15 on their first order with a two-week free trial. The two supermarket chains also offer online grocery delivery and shopping via Instacart.

Shipt, a subsidiary of Target Corp., has expanded its footprint across 150 markets nationwide, making its delivery service available to over 50 million households. This number is expected to increase upto 180 markets serving 80 million households by the end of 2018.

Elaborating on their plans in this division, Smith stated that this was just the beginning of a sweeping expansion that Shipt and Target have planned for the year. Shipt is spreading towards Northwest metro areas, bringing the ease of tailored, same-day delivery to residents. ” Smith added.

Shipt services allow customers to browse and search through the assortment of groceries, household items and other products listed on the website and the app. The app smartly notes customer preferences, lets the customer decide on a one-hour delivery window and then further pay for their order. Shipt’s personal shoppers pick, bag and deliver the items as soon as the order is punched in.

According to Shipt’s Chief Marketing Officer Harley Butler, the regional expansion with Safeway and Vons emphasizes on their continual mission to advance the customer shopping experience through varied retailer options, order personalization and augmented product offerings.