Roundy’s Slash Prices – Supermarkets to Enter a Price War!

Roundy’s Slash Prices – Supermarkets to Enter a Price War!
Roundy’s Slash Prices – Supermarkets to Enter a Price War!

Wisconsin supermarkets are soon going to witness a state of heavy consumer competition, with Roundy’s and its parent company Kroger slashing prices on thousands of items in Metro Market, Pick ‘n Save and Copps stores.

While some customers and managers have signaled the start of a local supermarket price war, an industry analyst has interpreted this move as a pricing strategy gimmick. Starting Wednesday, shoppers started observing signs posted on grocery, fruits, and vegetables advertising the new lower price, but it was, however, unclear on how much can the shopper exactly save with these new prices.

Jim Hyland, Roundy’s Vice president of Communications, stated in a press release regarding the price slash, ‘Wisconsin is a competitive market for grocery and this counts as another investment that the brands want to make for creating a loyal base of customers. Shoppers here always look for a lower best price.’

There has not been any clear communication from Roundy’s regarding how much price is being dropped on an average. They said individual savings will simply depend on the customer’s specific shopping list. Meanwhile, regular store discount programmes and weekly sales will continue.

‘This move by Roundy’s is just a new volley in the ongoing price war between the superstores. Consumers cannot expect to benefit much from this as the brand can’t make money unless they raise the prices somewhere else’, says a Supermarket industry analyst & critic David Livingston.

Livingston said that he doesn’t expect the already lower-price supermarkets to react or get affected by Roundy’s move. A Shorewood resident Karen Hornblad, however, welcomes the lower prices.

‘It is a great move and I am all in for a deal’, Hornblad said.