Robot Pet Dog Aibo by Sony available for pre-order from Today

Aibo by Sony

There is a new robot pet dog introduced by Sony. The Aibo iconic robot pet brand with a new ‘pet robot dog simply called ‘Aibo’ in Japan.

It is been stated by the company that an emotional bond with the household members will possibly be established by this robot, which is a significant factor.

The company Sony is pretty excited with it as the robot has vibrant movements with an adorable appearance, and is also seemed to be quite responsive. The interactions by the pet robot will lead to a closeness with the owner.

The ultracompact 1- and 2-axis actuators allow its body to move along 22 axes. The OLED’s used to display eyes, makes Aibo to deliver various expressions that makes the viewer be ‘hypothetically’ get involved and believe it to be a true ‘dog pet’. A dynamic array of movements with different different vocal sounds makes it more attractive.

The best part is that it can even detect words of praise, smiles, head and back scratches, petting, and more. It concentrates on what would make the owner happy and remembers the same. The environment in which it is, makes it to be acquainted with and it also tends to learn to walk around and respond eventually.

The company’s cultivated amazing learning technology, is found to be exhibited in the form of inbuilt sensors that is responsible for the adaptable behavior of Aibo as per Sony.

The technical specs of Aibo

This includes a Speaker, 4 Microphones and sensors include Pressure sensitive/capacitive type touch sensor, Capacitive type touch sensor (Head sensor, jaw sensor), 6 axis detection system(3 axis gyro/3 axis acceleration)×2 (Head Torso) and Motion sensor, Light sensor, 4 Paw Pads.

The battery charge of the pet dog robot would sustain for 2 hours if the same is charged once. The charging would take up to 3 hours. Again while talking about the connectivity aspect, there is a quad-core CPU. The connectivity options included are also LTE and WiFi 802.11b/g/n and weigh 2.2 kg Approx.

The Aibo App

Being the Apps in demand, Sony has not left behind the concept. The company has come out with the ‘My Aibo App’. This app can access more settings, view photos takes from the Aibo’s camera, and download additional tricks from the store.

Interestingly, the Aibo basic subscription pack provides you with Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity, cloud backup, and access to the app’s features and the subscription costs $26 ( Rs. 1,677.91 approx.).

You can pre-order from November 1st, 2017, which is today. This option of pre-order can be availed in only Japan through Sony Store, Sony’s direct retailer. It is expected to go on sale on January 11th, 2018.

Price of Aibo Robot Pet Dog:

The Aibo Robot Pet Dog costs – 198,000 yen (US$1,739 or Rs. 1,12,240 approx.) along with Aibo basic subscription pack.

A separate announcement by the company said that it is “steadily advancing multiple other initiatives in the AI and Robotics field.”

Sony hopefully plans for more technology in future as far the markets for the same sustains.