Recent Data Suggests that Families, Elders and Caretakers are more Likely to Take Advantage of Online Grocery Shopping

Tracy Hartman, Walmart Supercenter Assistant Manager said that most stores see a large footfall of busy moms and caretakers. Jumbo Foods E-commerce Manager, Patty Smith said, “It boils down to convenience, this service is helpful for people when their children are sick or busy with sports. We serve a lot of elderly clientele and an equal number of families.”

However, it is imperative for retailers to walk hand-in-hand with technological advances. Driverless cars delivering groceries is only the tip of the iceberg. Huge fulfillment centres with automated packaging, shipping and more only emphasize the fact that grocery delivery is revolutionizing and how!

This January, Nielsen and Food Marketing Institute revealed a research indicating that 70% of customers will be shopping for groceries on the internet in less than 5-7 years. Walmart is launching a supercenter on West Garriot which will begin on Aug. 7. Customers will be able to shop online and fill items in a virtual cart. Walmart personnel will do the shopping for them in a designated time frame decided by the customers. The customers will then have to drive to the store and pick up their order. “It’s completely free, no charge whatsoever, provided the order totals at least $30,” Hartman said.

The store has been distributing $10 vouchers which the customers can use if their first order totals $50. There will be a limit on the number of orders the store will initially receive. After a few weeks, the store will be able to accommodate up to 280 orders a day, Hartman confirmed. Personnel will be trained to provide the freshest items. Pointing to the efficient training provided by the retailer, she said, “We actually have a better selection than a lot of customers do because we can get the freshest right off the truck. They will get the best produce, they will get the best meat.”

Jumbo Foods E-commerce Manager Patty Smith said, “All of our personal shoppers are trained on what produce is fresh. If it’s not fresh, we inform the customer immediately.” She also said that as per norms, the customer would be asked if they want a substitute, leave the item off their order or want to add an item.

Communicating with the customer is key,” Smith said.

Whether it is taking care of the elderly or balancing a life between career and family, when grocery shopping turns into a time-saving activity, who wouldn’t resort to the ‘online way’?

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