Ramdev Baba Patanjali faces huge advertisement ban

Yog Guru Ramdev Baba firm Patanjali has been facing huge loss due to the rejection of ads by The Advertisement Standard Council Of India(ASCI). Recently 25 ads of Patanjali has been banned for violation of advertisement code set for the country.

On September 7, 2017, the Delhi High Court ordered Patanjali Ayurved Ltd to stop airing advertisement to promote its brand of Chyawanprash, after its rival brand Dabur said the commercials disparaged its product. The advertisement Council has restrained Patanjali from telecasting, airing or promoting the Patanjali Chawanprash till September 26, 2017. Dabur India has also sought a damage of Rs 2.01 Crore from Patanjali. Restraint orders were about the similar packaging and influencing the semi-literate customer.

Recently soaps ad of Patanjali has also been banned when HUL( Hindustan Unilever Limited) has obtained an interim injunction against Patanjali’s advertisement which allegedly disparaged HUL’s soap brands that include Lux, Pears, Dettol, Lifebuoy, and Dove. HUL alleged that Patanjali Soap ad has changed the name of HUL soaps as Lux has been named as Flux, Pears as Tears, Lifebuoy as Lifejoy, Dettol as Dhitol and Dove as Glove. Patanjali Soap advertisement refers Pears as ‘Tears badaye fears’, ‘Lifebouy with ‘Lifejoy na lagao dear’, and HUL’s leading beauty brand soap Lux, which has been endorsed by several Bollywood stars, Patanjali soap ad says, “Filmstars ke chemical bhare sabun na lagao’. The high court has ordered Patanjali Ayurved Ltd not to air or telecast the soap advertisement till the next hearing which is on September 18.

Headquarters at Haridwar, Patanjali Ayurved was started by Ramdev Baba and  Acharya Balakrishna in 2006. Patanjali has been dubbed as the fastest growing FMCG company in India with a targeted revenue of Rs.10,000 crores for the fiscal year 2016-2017.

Earlier this week Patanjali has announced that it will launch packaged drinking water under the brand ‘Divya Jal’ this Diwali. In a recent interview Tijarwala, the spokesperson of Patanjali said the goal is to provide Indian citizens a healthy and economic life which can be affordable to each class of society.

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Written by Juhi Patel

Juhi Patel is an Entertainment Content editor, bringing out trending cinema news like celebrity gossips, movies and Bollywood updates.






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