AIADMK, DMK joins NDA Goverment; BJP in TamilNadu

The Oath-taking of India's Vice President, Venkaiah Naidu not only created the amazing watch for the people but also the ceremony witnessed the merger of the Tamilnadu political factions come together with the BJP government.

The team of the current heading government lead by E Palaniswami ("EPS") was there proposing to the former Chief Minister O Panneerselvam ("OPS") an understandable merger, the sources said.

Still, there was a skepticism within the supporting members of OPS and EPS relating to the merger. It is said that AIADMK has reportedly been in touch with top leaders of the BJP as they try to find a way to work together to pool up the team together.

BJP seems to be interested in the merger as AIADMK has supported BJP in the past and with the goodwill of the same to be continuing in its constituency, BJP is taking a stand to support the togetherness.

The team of AIADMK, in fact, is trying its best to 'bury the hatchet' as soon as possible. The story of Ms. Shashikala forcing O. Paneerselvam to resign, after being elected as the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu in the month of December last year after the demise of the then Chief Minister, Late Ms. J. Jayalalithaa, is known to all.

The bitterness continued when E Palaniswamy was made the Chief Minister, once Shashikala was convicted of corruption charges along with Late Ms. J Jayalalithaa by the Supreme Court in a case that charged, Late Ms. Jayalalithaa and her with corruption. Shashikala was sentenced to four years in jail in this case.

The merger would be an easy resolution to the fight between the two camps over rights to the party's name and symbol.

This again is vital for the party as there are elections due in another few months. It is also believed that OPS will meet the Election Commission on certain issues that have been constantly cropping up within the party.

Again, politics has been very precise here. The reason being - 'merger talks' have been fast-tracked when Mr. Dhinakaran tried to assert his position by naming his loyalists as party office-bearers recently.

Time decides and the Voters watch to find the best for the state is happening and as usual hope plays its role in the minds of the people of the state which is attached to the merger!