Polaroid’s ‘3D Pen’ available at a price of $130 on Indiegogo

3D Pen

Designed Professionally Technology is never tired of expelling the naive ways of seeing it. Here is a one which will make it look so, the most advanced 3D pen.

The pen is designed and brought into the market by the company named, Polaroid which has announced its expansion in the USA and Canada. The company’s forte has been the 3D printing line of products. In this context the introduction of the above said 3D printing pen would be an added advantage for recognition. Indiegogo gives you an option to pre-order the product through its crowdfunding campaign.

The Polaraid Design 3D Pen features a built-in fan that helps to reduce the heat and avoids jamming. It has features like auto-feed and auto-eject function for a prolonged use. Also, this feature is favorable for precise temperature setting. Along with the other unique features is an OLED screen.

The company, Polaroid, in itself is filled with bringing new phase of technology to the world. Last year, they were in ‘buzz’ for their product – ‘instant cameras’. The company uses the ModelSmart 250S 3D printer. From the time they broke into the world of 3D printing, they have given a major amount of desktop 3D printers and 3D pens all at an affordable price including the newly introduced 3D printing pen.

The feature of auto-eject puts the 3Dpen on standby after 4 minutes, ejects the filament before it goes to sleep mode. The 3D printing pen also boasts of preset speed option, temperature control, a high resolution OLED LCD display screen, which is important to allow the users to easily monitor the settings of the 3D pen. The best part is the 3D pen is compatible with most of the standard filaments along with PLA filaments in neon, wood and metal. The temperature of the pen’s tip can be controlled, due to which a vast kind of materials can be used. The colors in which this pen is available are, black,erbium, grey, slate grey and Tucan sun gold.

The 3D pen is currently offered by Coretech Printer Group on the Idiegogo site for pre-order. The backers however can get a lot of deals in this regard. Under the ‘Be the first’ offer, you could get a Polaroid Design 3D pen, a Polaroid gift box, one year subscription to Polaroid 3D Gallery along with 20 download credits for a pledge of $130. The product would be shipped to the backers in July 2017. It is available for the retail price of $179.

The CEO of Polaroid Scott W.Hardy said “We are excited by the reactions we received at CES for the Polaroid Draw 3D pen. Because of the positive reception the Polaroid Draw 3D pen received, we decided to take a look at other segments of the market that were in need of quality 3D products at the right price point. We then recognized a need for an advanced 3D pen model geared towards design and engineering professionals. Whether they’re looking to create artwork, prototypes, jewelry, or models, the Polaroid Design 3D pen will help these professionals bring their concepts to life.”