Open Signal Report Says – India’s 4G is considered lowest

When all were attracted to the 4G talk, the reality actually was a little away from what it showed in terms of the speed given through the data pack. Sources reveal an interesting detail about this. They say that the download speed for 4G is at 5.1 Mbps which is less than one third of the global average.

Again it is only higher marginally than the global 3G speed of 4.4 Mbps. Across the country one can see the average 3G download speeds are less than 1Mbps. This can still go down to as low as 10 Kbps in the context of some of the 3G subscribers. This report is provided by the telecom regulator.

After the introduction of Jio by Reliance Jio Infocomm in the network market its rivals had cut the prices lower than the expected rate in order to cope up with the competition from the former.

Open Signal’s report says the download speeds in India have dropped more than one megabit per second. This is due to the traffic surge that has caused this. The average download speed on a 4G in India is recorded at 5.14 Mbps and is regarded as the lowest among the 75 countries included in the analysis of the report. Open Signal is a company which specializes in wireless mapping and is head-quartered at London. The report also specifies that India was ranked at 74 and was a little ahead of Costa Rica. Again, the global average 4G download speed was 16.2 Mbps. Singapore and South Korea ranked high with the speed of more than 40 Mbps.

Trai (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) will have to see into the issue and ‘zoom’ through the same in order to uplift its position in the near future. Now the query of the consumers would be to the network companies, as these companies boast about ‘speed’ and tax the consumers for the speed based on the chart formulated by them. If that has to be considered, the report should have included India at least at a an acceptable number, given the fact that technology in the country has climbed the ladder of development from the past few years.

Consumers wait for the best output and the best result, hopefully it is on the way.