Nike introduces Roshe & Airforce 1 Case for Apple iPhone 7

Nike Air Force 1

Nike, the company for sneakers debuts ‘cases’ for Apple phone, the iPhone 7. Yes, you heard it right. The popular shoe company has come out with two phone cases for iPhone 7, the Roshe and Airforce 1 under the trio series of colors. Airforce 1 is in Classic blue and the Roshe case is in Team Crimson and Seafoam Green colors.

Sticking to its tread style, the cases hold the design of ‘Nike’. The cover’s material is made of thermoplastic polyurethane, which is 100% the quality used.

Nike iPhone 7 case

Nike has produced various cases for the iPhones in the past, however, this is specially designed for iPhone 7, which means even if you have an iPhone 7 Plus, your phone is not eligible for this said case.

It is stated that ‘the phone case is styled like the bottom of the ‘Nike shoes’ which again gives a philosophical touch to it. It provides a good grip texture, which is quite impressive. Also the material which is used in the case provides scratch protection and a comfortable drop.

Coming to the price, it costs $35 and is available with the featuring of ‘Swoosh’ on the product. One can look forward to a matching case, probably to the sneakers you were, if you are funky-filled sneaker head.

The hard phone case is for sure going to steal the market for itself very soon with the demand which would be on the higher side of numbers.

First, the company, second the durability of the product, is an added advantage to create a demand. However, the market or the people would be the deciding factor.

The fans of sneaker have a chance to opt for an iconic design, as it marks as an art factor and enables one, to showcase the same while he uses it.

The case thus is going to create a mark in the market and has a greater chance of reaching its goals in terms of the sale appreciation.