Nike debuts Four New Apple Watch Bands to Match your Shoes

Nike Apple Watch bands

For sure, you would have flaunted your Nike shoes, when you bought them and wore for a long period of time. This time you have an advantage of getting an amazing selection offer. Rightly said, it is an icing on the cake, where you are getting the Apple Watch Nike+ along with the sneakers as they are being launched together. In other words, the company Nike has come up with yet another ‘collaboration’ of its products with that of Apple’s, the ‘Watch band ‘and allows you to choose the matching watch for the sneakers you purchase.

These watches are in different colors and as per the company are ‘inspired by the shades of the sky, from dawn to dusk’. May be it is a first time of its kind of concept, wherein, when you own an ‘Apple Watch Nike+’, you hold a chance to select a matching sneaker for you as well. The new range of the sneakers that Nike is going to introduce along with the ‘Apple watch range’ is the “Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit -Day to Night” collection of shoes. The shoes have the ‘Air cushioning technology’, which helps comfortable wear.

The price of the watch bands are retailed for $49 (£49, AU$79), which can be found ‘available’ on the Nike stores from June 1, 2017.

Of course, the product ‘The Apple Watch bands’ will also be available on, Apple Stores, along with the authorized resellers of the brand in early June. The colors in which the band is available are Artic Pink, Violet Dust, Glacier Blue, Blue Orbit and College Navy.

The speciality of the watch is that they are designed to match the style and also the color of the newly introduced sneakers range, Air VaporMax running shoes. For sure, it is a fruitful effort to entice you towards ‘running’ quite a mile. The structure of the watch is such awesomely designed with perforation, that the product steals the show.

Nike concentrates on the running shoes keeping in mind the material used as they are for tough running. Hence, in this context, the Apple watch has also taken the stride of the toughness. Nike hence has made sure that the material of both the products is strong enough and durable. The company chose the elastomer silicone (fluoroelastomer) material for them. Also a report from University of California, San Franscisco, discovered that the watch could help in detecting the heart conditions. The holes in the watch allow sweating out when working out or even otherwise, as per the conditions.

The company has been partnering with Apple ever since November 2016, when it had planned to launch the ‘Apple watch Nike+ edition’. Also, to be noted here, is that the current CEO of Apple, Tim Cook was the former COO of board at Nike in 2005. He later became the apparel giant’s ‘Lead independent Director’.

Also we notice that on April 27, this year, the company saw the arrival of NikeLab and in early May the iPhone 7 cases – ‘Rosche and Air Force 1 sneakers’ were brought into the market for sale by Nike. Also, the company had introduced the first ‘Apple Watch Nike+ Device’ that debuted last September. In the near future we would see more of such partnering products.