Fortune’s ‘World’s Most Admired Companies’ 2018 List; Apple Tops atop for 11th Year in Row

Apple company logo

There were issues surrounding Apple Inc. in the year 2017, however, that did not stop the company to be where it is now. Lot many issues relating to delayed products, battery issues on the models of iPhone, software bugs affecting the phone, so on and so forth. Still, Apple finds itself to be on the top spot on Fortune’s annual list for the year 2018, is quoted as the World’s Most Admired CompaniesApple has managed to bag this opportunity for the 11th consecutive year.

Amazon in the race has bagged the second place, after which Alphabet is at the third position and at the seventh is Microsoft. JP Morgan is at the tenth position, Berkshire Hathaway captures the fourth and Starbucks the fifth. Disney gets to the sixth position and Southwest is at the eighth. Following it at the ninth position is FedEx.

The companies as per Korn Ferry were rated based on the quality of management, revenue, investment value, products, social responsibility and ability to attract talent. There were nine criteria based on which the analysts, executives and directors were asked to rate the companies before coming to the end of the preparation of the list.

The total of 1,500 candidates, – the 1000  largest U.S. companies along with the other Non-U. S. companies were considered. The companies include had revenues of $10 billion or more. Out of which top-rated companies were picked from that pool of 680. Among the 52 industries, the best-regarded companies were rated on the base of the criteria ascertained.

The number of 3,900 executives, directors, and securities analysts did the selection of the companies in the list. The Executives had to select the 10 companies they admired most.

Fortune’s method stated the complete list to be of 50, in which Facebook was listed at 12th and Coca-Cola at 18th along with McDonald’s that was at 37th.

Another vital thing to be noted here is that Adidas and Lockheed Martin made to the list for the first time. GE, on the other hand, came to the 30th from 7th position.

Thomson Reuters‘ first-ever list of the Top 100 Global Technology Leaders, Apple was ranked sixth.

On the whole Apple Inc. never lets itself or the rating down and likewise applies to its customers as well.