WordPress Twenty Eighteen Theme Releasing Soon

Twenty Eighteen Theme

Every year WordPress.org releases a new WordPress theme and for 2018, the team is bound to release Twenty Eighteen Theme. It will be available for free download through WordPress theme repository/directory.

Twenty Eighteen Theme

WordPress team follows a naming pattern for their yearly released WordPress theme. Like the 2017 released theme is known Twenty Seventeen theme because it was released as an upgrade to Twenty Sixteen theme this year. So for 2018, new WP theme will be named as Twenty Eighteen theme.

While Twenty Sixteen focused more on mobile-friendly approach, the Twenty Seventeen theme and we believe that Twenty Eighteen theme would be more of mobile responsiveness and mobile optimization.

As of 11 November 2017, WordPress has released a total of 10 official themes starting with WordPress default theme. A Classical WP theme was released as a follow up with WordPress.org first theme. Eventually, since the start of 2012, there was the release of Twenty Twelve, Twenty Thirteen in 2013, Twenty Fourteen in 2014, Twenty Fifteen in 2015, Twenty Sixteen theme in 2016 and the latest one available for download is Twenty Seventeen theme.

Twenty Eighteen Theme Features

With more than 60% of market share, WordPress is best CMS and by default the best blogging platform available for users. According to ManageWP, as of 2016, 74,652,825 i.e., 74.6 million sites on the web runs on WordPress. So, that's one site per person living in Hyderabad. Out of this, around 40 million are hosted on free WordPress.com and other users self-hosted WordPress blogging platform.

We will provide you with the official link to the page where you can download Twenty Eighteen theme. You should be aware that there are many sources referring to WP 2018 theme like twenty18theme.com but they are not the official ones.

Twenty Eighteen Theme Download

Twenty Eighteen Theme download will be available soon.

The new WordPress theme will come pre-installed on new WordPress blogs from 2018. The dates of launch, however, are yet to be announced. It might come up with all new WordPress 5.0 launch.

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