Vkworld S9 is the World's First Samsung Galaxy S9 Clone

Cloned smartphones to famous & popular models are getting attention by consumers as price plays an important factor. We have seen clones of iPhone and flagship Samsung models in past couple of years and all these clones are manufactured by small Chinese vendors which are ready to steal attention.

VKWorld S9

VKWorld is one such company which has always announced clone for popular smartphones. Previously they have launched VKworld S8, a Galaxy S8 clone, Vkworld Z3310 a clone of Nokia 3310 and they even cloned Xiaomi Mi Mix with a device called Vkworld Mix.

Vkworld S9

Now, they are ready to unveil Samsung Galaxy S9 clone as the news of upcoming flagship is on high. Named as VKworld S9, it will be the world's first Galaxy S9 clone to be announced. Quite surprisingly, Samsung is yet to launch their 2018 flagship phone and clones are making rounds of the announcement.

According to our Chinese sources, the Vkworld S9 is expected to feature a more advanced display i.e., 5.99-inch bezel-less 2K display. The screen-to-body ratio is higher than predecessor Vkworld S8. It has reached 92%, probably the highest ratio in smartphones.

Vkworld S9 looks quite like the leaked picture of Samsung Galaxy S9. This time the camera is moved to the top bezel. And the bottom is almost without and boarder. The left and right side are also very thin and the whole screen is covered by curved glass.

Predecessor and currently sold Vkworld S8 is a very popular phone with many cutting-edge technologies like boarder-less display, face recognition, and 5500 mAh high-density battery.

As for the back of the phone, there are dual camera setup and fingerprint scanner. The back is also made of curved glass as usual.

VKworld S9 Specifications

The Vkworld Galaxy S9 clone will feature 6 GB RAM with 128 GB inbuilt storage and powered by a Mediatek MT X30 processor inside. It's will have a metal frame and glass body. Most importantly, the battery capacity will also be higher than 5000 mAh.

Vkworld S9 Price

It will be priced around $300 and will be launched in Spring 2018 in China. Through retailers like GearBest, you can ship this phone to any part of the world.


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