Hyderabad Metro Smart Card is a multipurpose Card

Hyderabad Metro Smart Card

Hyderabad Metro Smart Card: Hyderabad Metro rail has created a huge wave in the sector of railway transport and has made life easy in cities with its multipurpose use.

Hyderabad Metro Smart Card

The Hyderabad Metro Rail authorities informed that the multipurpose ‘smart card’ introduced by them, can be used for rail ticketing, used in petroleum and also as an ATM card.

Lot many unique features are to be introduced said the HMR authorities and they stressed that these unique features do not exist for the Metro cards of Bangalore and Delhi. The Hyderabad metro smart card has an option to be used as an ATM card.

The department of Railways is in conversation with banks so as to commence a tie-up with the latter for easy usage of the smart card.

Again, it should be noted here that as per the website for Delhi Metro Smart card, The users can view all the Top Ups done as he transacts and can use his Debit/Credit Card or Net Banking or wallet (PayTM) to pay online for an instant recharge.

Apart from such a feature, there are also talks with the Uber, Ola, TSRTC, MMTS, autos, by HMR so that the metro passengers get connectivity on daily basis.

The Managing Director, NVS Reddy said that the Hyderabad Metro would have communication-based transport (CBT) in place, under which the trains would know about each other in detail at every fraction of functioning through the information system that would be connected to the main server located at Nagole-Uppal operation control. It is a radio-based communication system.

The French company named Thales is providing this service. It would also take care of the signaling and train control.

The Operation and Maintenance is taken care by Keolis from France. Samsung, a South Korean company is responsible for the Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) aspect.

Mr. Reddy reinstated “The HMR is designed in such a way that for every 90 seconds a train can be run”. Passengers of around 60,000 could travel in one corridor in one hour.

He informed that the best technologies and facilities have been selected after scrutinizing the world’s metro functioning. The plan was made considering for next 60 years.

“We are not just a metro but a quality of life for the citizens of Hyderabad”, he declared. Also, there is news that there would be a hub of social activity having open-air restaurants in Metro stations.

Hyderabad Metro Smart Card Price

The Hyderabad Metro Smart Card price is expected to around Rs 200 which can be refunded if the card is given back to HMR authorities. You will also get Rs 100 balance with that Hyderabad Metro Smart Card.

How to get Metro Smart Card?

You can get HMR Smart Card easily through various services available.

Various top-up and recharge options are available too.

The best part of the whole agenda is the ease provided for not only the commute but also the financial remedy through the multipurpose smart card that would make life easy for people of Hyderabad.