Flying Uber Cabs may be introduced in 2024

There might be flying cabs in reality by the year 2024 if Uber plans for one. With the Embraer SA, a network of electric aircraft Uber Technologies is developing and is in the process to launch Flying Uber Cabs commercially the said concept for the above mentioned year accordingly.

The news was hence confirmed by the Brazilian plane maker's chief executive on Friday.

Embraer Chief Executive Paulo Cesar de Souza also informed that there is no confirmation on the business model and financial commitments of the partnership yet.

However, Uber Chief Product Officer Jeff Holden had confirmed in the month of October that the intra-city flying taxi service could have its head-start in 2023.

Launch of Flying cabs

Mr. Souza reiterated specifying the proposed idea would be discussed and concluded on so as to result in a real landing (VTOL) aircraft very soon.

Also, according to the people who are dedicated to the shaping of the aircraft, the projection is of a one-tonne vehicle transporting a pilot and four passengers at an altitude of 800 to 1,000 meters (2,600-3,300 feet). The aircraft would be powered by batteries which can be charged in less than five minutes so, it looks safe enough.

Even though there is a lot of pressure, when it comes to the commercial jet, Embraer would for sure meet the targets of 2017 related to the other set up that it is into. Embraer also is into the new agenda which includes a military cargo jet and a new generation of passenger jets.

Rest lies with the execution and the action plan for the same. The news of such a thing would for sure get more demand for it as we always love innovation. For now, this would be looked for brought into action on the international grounds. We hope and wish more such innovations are on its way to come ahead so that we could experience the difference created by the technology intact.

(With inputs from Reuters & other sources)


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