Facebook Face Recognition Feature will notify users of their Photos

Facebook always works on adding something new and realistic to let users safeguard their Privacy Laws. The new facial recognition technology has been introduced to let people know that their photos have been uploaded. The feature will be available to those people who let the company keep a facial template on file.

This new facial recognition feature will be throughout the world except for Europe and Canada as these jurisdictions have strict privacy laws.

The new features will have opted for newly uploaded photos and not the older ones. The company has also planned to keep an On/Off switch to allow users to control all Facebook features. Users will also be notified if his/her photo has been used as profile picture by someone else. This will surely reduce impersonations.

Facebook has introduced Facial recognition technology in late 2010, with a feature for a tag in the photos of the people who are available in the picture. This increased the more communications and people absolutely loved the feature.

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This feature is totally based on the template. Facebook recognizes the persons face by a template and when the photo has been uploaded it will display a notification that leads to a new Photo Review dialog. There the Facebook has provided an option to tag yourself or ignore the image. Then the users can message the one who has uploaded the image and inform Facebook that the face isn't you or report an image for breaching the sites rules.


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