Facebook to hire another 3000 Employees only to fight against Terrorism

Facebook terrorism

Facebook on Thursday said in its post that it had deployed Artificial Intelligence to combat terrorists from using its service as a platform to communicate and other purposes like bullying and encouraging terrorism posts. Facebook stated “We’ve been cautious, in part because we don’t want to suggest there is any easy technical fix. It is an enormous challenge to keep people safe on a platform used by nearly 2 billion every month, posting and commenting in more than 80 languages in every corner of the globe,”.

The company also reiterated that before anybody watches, it removes the “terrorist content” immediately and information regarding the same is given to the authorities. This declaration from Facebook has come as an answer to the criticism done by the European leaders where they felt social media cannot be used as a safe space to be used for terrorists.

The Facebook post by Monika Bickert, director of global policy management, and Brian Fishman, counterterrorism policy manager stated, “In the wake of recent terror attacks, people have questioned the role of tech companies in fighting terrorism online.”

Theresa May and French president Emmanuel Macron met earlier this week to ensure that the social media cannot be leniently used by terrorists or criminals and think it is a safe place for them to use it. May clearly said “deprive the extremists of their safe spaces online”.

Facebook uses ‘image matching‘ which is among the AI techniques, wherein the images or videos are compared to the “known” terrorist images and immediately deleted. These images are identified by Facebook as the ones which were removed by the company in the past or it had been found in the database which is shared by Facebook with Microsoft or Youtube and Twitter.

This technology is yet to develop more to identify the tactics of the terrorists in using the platform and is obviously a challenge for the company. The company has employed 4,500 people to review the reports of terrorist activity and to take action on the same. Another 3,000 people are being planned to be hired this year.

The current employees in this sector on board include the academic experts on counter-terrorism, former prosecutors, former law enforcement agents and analysts, and engineers. The company said the people in this category are “exclusively or primarily focused on countering terrorism as their core responsibility.”