SuperCell announces Clash Royale Rocket Challenge for 24 Hours

Clash Royale Rocket challenge

A new Clash Royale Rocket Challenge is now announced by SuperCell. It’s a special challenge to the world’s most favourite strategic game.

Just like any other challenge, it also allows you to win cards and through the Rocket Challenge it’s clear that you can win rockets cards.

The Rocket Challenge battle is a one on one battle and it ends very soon within 24 hours. That’s a very short time period for a battle.

This game entitles you to get 600 gold coins and 25 common Rocket cards at 6 wins. That’s the highest reward in this special challenge. Further more during the gameplay, you will get one time rewards of x5 rocket card at 2 wins, x10 rocket cards at 4 wins and x15 cards at 6 wins.

Cards in this battle are leveled up to King Level:9, Common Level:9, Rare Level:7, epic level:4, legendary level: 1. The over time length during a battle is 3 minutes if there is no winner to decisive result.

You need a perfect combination of decks to win all this new ultimate challenge. If you end up losing all the games, then also you are guaranteed to get 130 golds.

Hurry! the Rocket challenge ends soon within 24 hours. It’s the time to take your rocket card to next level by increasing your card count.

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Unlike all other tournaments, this Rocket Challenge battle isn’t FREE, atleast for one time. That’s bad! In order to play it, you will have to pay 10 Gems.

Previously, SuperCell, the game developer had various challenges like the Battle RAM Challenge, Ramp up challenge, 2v2 Sudden Death challenge, Heal Draft Challenge and there is also Crown Championship challenge 2017 is going on.