SuperCell brings Clash Royale 'Ramp Up Challenge' from 1 September

From time to time SuperCell adds new challenges to its Clash Royale, the most popular strategy game for Android and iOS platform. This time they have brought Clash Royale Ramp up Challenge and it comes right after few days of PEKKA challenge. There was also 2v2 Sudden Death Challenge some weeks ago.

RAMP up Battle

In the RAMP up Challenge, the first minute is 1x elixir, the second minute it's doubled i.e., (2x elixir) and in the last and final minute is 3x elixir.

Every Clash Royale player is entitled to get one free entry to the special event that is available from 1 September 2017. You can access RAMP up challenge under tournament tab.

One Time Rewards

During the game play, on each win, you will win the following one time rewards -

x1000 Gold Coins at 3 wins

x2500 Gold Coins at 5 wins

x3 Rare Cards at 7 Wins

Magical Chest at 9 Wins

Top Reward

The challenge ends at 9 wins but if you lose three games, you are out of the challenge. If you want to play again in the challenge, you will have to 10 Gems, which are especially used to buy gold, chests, special and victory tournaments access and to speed up chest unlocks.

The winner of 9 games will get Giant Chest which normally costs 490 gems. Giant Chest contains 800 Golds, x266 cards, and x53 rare cards.

Best Deck for Ramp up Challenge

You can achieve 9 wins only by following proper cards and decks. The following decks are perfect enough for a win in the game.

Best Ramp Up Challenge Deck -

  • Poison
  • Battle RAM
  • Bandit
  • ZAP
  • Baby Dragon
  • Night Witch
  • Elixir Collector

Deck 2:

  • Giant Skeleton
  • Elite Barbarians
  • Royal Giant
  • Executioner
  • Minion Horde
  • Skeleton Army
  • Electro Wizard

Best RAMP up Battle Winning Strategy

In my experience, I believe the best strategy would be to have big size cards and make utilisation in the second minute when the elixir is 2x.


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