SuperCell announces Clan Wars in Clash Royale through Massive April 2018 Update

SuperCell, the maker of Clash Royale has announced “Clan Wars” addition in the April 2018. Yes, Clan Wars in Clash Royale is coming.

It’s the Clash Royale next update which removes Clan Chest which is delayed by almost three weeks now.

After informing that the mid-April update will be delayed, SuperCell has dropped in some surprise piece of news.

SuperCell commenting in a blog post on Tuesday morning said:

“We just wanted to give you a heads up about our plans for the Clan Chest, so it doesn’t take you by surprise when the update arrives … we’re removing the Clan Chest from Clash Royale in the next update,”.

There is however no news on whether the new update will include new cards or not.

Clashers shouldn’t be worried about out-going “Clan Chest” feature because players will get them in a different reward program in the update coming up next week.

Every Clash Royale player is quite eager to know what will be included in this delayed update.


Yogesh Khetani

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