Apple in Australia fined $9 Million over “Error 53” Repairs by ACCC

Apple has been directed by Federal Court in Australia to pay a dollar 9 million fine for allegedly misleading iPhone and iPad users in Australia about the rights under the country’s consumer law.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) took Apple to the court after many iPhone and iPad users in this part of the world found the device disabled by an iOS 9 update last year.

It was a problem with Touch ID that led to error 53 on several iPhone and iPad users, who visited the third party repair shops to fix the problem which is the actual cause of the error. That error message indicates that a user’s iPhone or iPad was bricked.

During the investigation, it was found that Apple has directed atleast 274 affected consumers in Australia that their iOS device does come under Apple warranty because it was repaired by third party shops. But according to ACCC Commissioner and under the Australian consumer law, the faulty product were entitled to repair or replace the item even if third party shops, not authorised by apple repaired them using parts not approved by Apple.

Source: ACCC


Yogesh Khetani

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