Apple finds way to sell iPhone – Price Factor Considered by the company

Buying an Apple iPhone not only sounds to be amazing but also gives a sense of pride. The name iPhone has an immense amount of goodwill that the product carries along with the innovative features and series which makes the product to stand apart from the ‘crowd’.

Reports say that in countries like India, (the market which Apple is looking forward to) Apple Inc. has the strongest hold on the sales factor of their phones and this has eventually increased the vitality of the product. Again, to reduce the cost of the price, India is trying its best to have its production centered in India, in the wake of which it has opened a factory that is based at Bangalore. The factory is partnered with Wistron Corp.

Also, the sources reveal that deals offered by the retailers have made the company get to their estimated sales as required. However, with the cost involved relating to the import duties, Apple seems to try hard on the above-mentioned factor of manufacturing the product in India, to ease on the prices. The reason is very clear, the company is willing to compete with the other China-based mobiles, like Xiaomi, Gionee, Oppo.

The tough sense of competition has made the consumers to enjoy the ride towards the pressure being built as they are benefited with the low prices and have been able to own one of the best phones in the market, ‘the iPhone’. Sources say that Apple made a sale of three percent in the first quarter.

The e-commerce platforms such as Flipkart, Amazon, eBay have made way to reduce the prices and sell them for amazing offers leading to the boom in the sale factor. Obviously, this comes as an advantage to Apple at least till the time the Govt. of India agrees for the former’s cost-cutting phenomena of selling the phone directly in the Indian market instead of the mediators.

Considering all the factors that are quite approachable as far as the company’s product is considered, the wait of the CEO of Apple Inc., Tim Cook would sure be worthwhile.