Google officially announces Android Oreo Go Edition

Android Oreo Go Edition

Here is something where the low-end Android users can boast about. Google has come up with the new version of Android Oreo (Go Edition), which initially was known as Android Go.

This new variant of Android will be of great assistance for the low-end memory Android devices, which means that the low end Android can be useful for the low data concept devices.

There are three differences found in the Android Go edition standard edition of Android Oreo - the streamlined operating system, optimized default apps and an optimized version of Play Store that highlights lightweight apps.

The Play Store is designed in such a way to highlight lightweight apps. If there is a download of any apps, then the Featured Apps section will be populated by apps that are optimized for low data usage.

Android 8.1 (which is happening sometime in the next 24 hours!), is along with the launch of Android Go which is going to be released to OEMs as "Android Oreo (Go Edition)".

Around 7.6 billion people are expected to be online and Google is ready to get the new users to come together on 'this small base of device' -  the mobile with the data required and especially, the low data device for which this software is a boon in disguise from Google.

A lightweight version of Android mobile operating system designed for low-end smartphones. The same is for entry-level smartphones with 512MB to 1GB RAM.

Google has again been successful in making it good in the case of the new version of Android as mentioned above.

Release of Android Oreo (Go Edition) and the importance of Go Edition

The release of this edition would be seen on board tomorrow, Dec 6, 2017. A re-designed of pre-installed Google apps can be seen for the Go Edition. The apps include Google Go, Google Assistant Go, YouTube Go, Google Maps Go, Gmail Go, Gboard, Google Play, Chrome, and the new Files Go app by Google. The reason for these apps to be there is because the space taken by them is quite less.

The option is to give the low data usage devices a better chance to make use of the space to its best.

The edition also promises 15% faster app performance with 2x more free storage as the OS and built-in apps take 50% less space. The data saver feature built-into apps will enable the lesser or control the consumption of the data in the background.

Now its time that the low data sector also enjoy their bit of the selection that they opted for and here is one that has given the option to the fullest by introducing the Android Go.