Alphabet Inc (Google) dominates Apple & Microsoft in US Classroom

Google Classroom battle
Image Source: Pixabay (Licensed under CC by CC0)

Google products are more popular than Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows in today’s scenario with respect to the key aspects used in U.S. school computers. The preferred operating system in most of the schools is Google Chrome OS.

The report of edtech platform Kahoot read “Google’s Chrome OS continues to gain overall market share in U.S. classrooms at the expense of iOS.”

The presence of mobile is also found to be more among the teachers. One of the major tech which has entered the classroom in the United States is ‘Google’s Tech‘. There is ‘personalized learning’ which gives the lesson-plan tech that will help the teacher to tailor the lesson plan.

Kahoot, an educational gaming platform that has 50 million monthly users and is used by the grades K-12, revealed the report that contained responses from 580 U.S. teachers, who were from the public schools and answered the technology based queries. There was data pulled from the student and teacher devices on the company platform.

Apple’s and Microsoft’s high pricing for its devices compared to its competition is the possible reason. During the first half of 2017, Mac OS accounted for just 11% of operating systems, when compared to 58% for Chrome OS. Later Windows came in second at 31%. Reports stated that Chromebooks made up 44% of teachers’ tablet use and 46% of students’ use. Among the teachers, Windows laptops were ranked second. However, Apple iPads was ranked second among students. The most widely used hub was a hub for issuing assignments and giving feedback known as ‘Classroom’. About 57% of the teachers were surveyed to use it and Microsoft Office 365 was at 23%. Google Chromebooks are available in all pricing options while you need to pay a hefty price for Apple’s Macbook and Microsoft’s laptops.

Gaillard said on Kahoot! “Also, any tools that promote collaborative thinking and collaboration among teachers and students, like Google Docs, will be important in the coming year”.

In other words, Google (now known as Alphabet Inc) has covered a larger aspect at this point of time and is speculated to move forward with more innovation, with student and teachers as its place of concentration.