Newly-wed Groom dies after a Wedding Gift explodes; Groom’s Grandmother also dies

The Incident that killed newly-wed groom and his grand mother

Orissa: Newly-wed Groom was killed and the bride was critically injured after a wedding gift received by the couple exploded. It was quite a tragic accident that killed groom and his grandmother as well. As seen in the picture reported by the sources, wedding gift was a kitchen-ware product that exploded inside the kitchen.

This shocking incident reported in Patnagarh of Bolangir district in Orissa. The Bolangir district police have taken the case and the investigation is underway after the family of the groom registered the FIR.

The couple was married on 17th February 2018 and they started using the wedding gift received Kitchen utensils only a day or two back.

The blast was so powerful that it destroyed all the kitchen-ware completely. It was believed that the gift was sent from Raipur.

All three were shifted to Bolangir hospital after initial rush to Patnagarh hospital.

Here is the file photo of the couple during their wedding.

orissa couple death

The groom was working as a techie in Bengaluru city.

Source: ANI