New iMac Pro, Refreshed iMacs & MacBooks Announced by Apple at WWDC 2017

After the Mac Pro, it’s about iMac, which Apple is announced at Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2017. Arguably, Apple claims that iMac Pro is the most powerful Mac ever. However, that’s in the later part and now, it’s time to discuss the iMac and the MacBook which is a refresh.

About iMac

The most fantastic and attractive feature of Apple’s products is its display. In the case of iMacs it is no different. The brightness is around 43% higher than the previous generation, (up to 500 nits). It also features 10-bit dithering, which means, 8-bit panels produce 1 billion colors. It’s amazing to have a feature such as this one.


This category of iMacs will be faster than the previous generation. The use of Intel’s new Kaby Lake Processors forms the reason behind this. Yes, they offer higher frequencies along with HEVC decoding.

You can add 21.5” iMac with up to 32 GB RAM, whereas, the 27” model go up to 64 GB. Storage being a major concentration, you get up to 2TB drives (including HDD+SDD), in which SDDs are up to 50% faster. What better can you expect with all these features. The list is not yet over.

iMac would not boast better without Graphics and vice-versa, Graphics also had its ‘chunk’ of boosting. It begins with Intel’s Iris iGPU, offering 80% higher performance compared to the previous generation. To make it better, Apple chose AMD Radeon Pro 5XX series.

Continuing with the details, 27” iMac got Radeon Pro 570/ 575 or 580, along with up to 8GB VRAM. Also, Top-specced version offers up to 5.5 TFLOPS for computing power which is a great option for VR. Coming to the 21.5” iMac receives Radeon Pro 555 or 560 with up to 4GB VRAM.

The best thing to being arrived at would be the price. The base model 21.5-inch iMac, starts at $1,100. However, if you wish for a 4K screen, then you can get it for $1300. Not to forget the 5K iMac Retina which starts at $1800.

About MacBooks

Speaking about the MacBooks, the base model is available at $1300. Other than the Kelby Lake Processor and its lower prices, there is very less to see. The price however, is and will be the attractive force, hence, one can observe the same here.

Macbook Pro 2017

To start with the price of the base Mac Books starts at $1300 (up to 50% faster SSD), MacBook Pro 13 starts at $1300 as well. A little higher price is quoted for 15” MacBook Pro which starts at $2400 and which gets the faster graphics options. You can login to the site of Apple on to find them.

Apple iMac Pro

Here is iMac Pro with a fantastic screen and better performance than Mac Pro, so you can go for it. Of course the deal goes live only in December. The product is similar to the body of that of 27” iMac. It’s interesting that the body and 5K display resemble 27” iMac, the color may be differentiated though as this product is exclusive with space gray. A dual centrifugal fan helps in cooling. The Pro specs with an Intel Xeon with up to 18 crores. The 8 and 10 core options are affordable and as much as 128GB ECC RAM and 4TB SSD (3GB/s) can be stuck to.

iMac Pro

The offer of 11 TFLOPS in a single precision and 22 TFLOPS in half precision is an added advantage to the consumers. Not to mention the Radeon Vega with up to 16GB VRAM.

The connectivity of iMac Pro features built-in 10Gb Ethernet and with 4x Thunderbolt ports and is considered to be the first Mac to do the same. And yes, two external 5K displays two RAID arrays can be connected. It also amazes you with 1080p FaceTime camera and a UHS-II port.

Yes, we won’t forget to tell the price – the iMac Pro (8-core Xeon, Vega GPU, 1TB SSD) starts at $5000. It would be out during your holidays at the end of the year.

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