Narendra Modi asks People Not to Mix ‘Triple Talaq issue’ with Politics

On the occasion of the Basava Jayanti, Prime Minister of India, Shree Narendra Modi spoke on the recent “triple talaq issue“. He also urged Muslims “not politicize the issue of Triple Talaq” and “protect Indian daughters and women from the effects” of oral divorce practice.

Modi impelled the Muslim community to have an open mind and a liberal thought process towards the Triple Talaq issue. “I also request the Muslim community, don’t look at this issue through a political lens, don’t let it go that route,” said Modi.

The Prime Minister by his way of speech also encouraged the Muslims to empathize with the women of their community regarding the Triple Talaq issue. “Reformers from the Muslim community itself will come forward to fight what (our) Muslim daughters have to go through (in the name of triple talaq) they will find a way out,” Modi said in New Delhi at the event organised to celebrate the birth anniversary of Jagadguru Basaveshwara, a 12th century philosopher and social reformer of Indian origin.

The Supreme Court is hearing a case on likely to banish the practice of saying ‘talaq’ three times for an instant divorce. At the BJP’s national executive meeting, Modi mentioned that the society should rise up to eradicate social evils and should attempt to provide justice to the victims of baneful practices.

The Supreme Court has set May 11-19 as the timeline to conclude the hearings on the legality of Triple Talaq. It has decided that a five-judge constitutional bench will rule on the validity of the practice. The hearing will begin from May 11.

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Written by Rukmani Jaiswal

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