Mozilla Firefox Quantum browser unveiled; takes on Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox Quantum browser

Mozilla has made the biggest update of the time since the Mozilla Firefox has been launched. The new Firefox Quantum has been launched with double the speed of 6 months ago Firefox update. The Firefox comes with a new UI(user interface) which is termed as Photon.

The new Firefox Quantum browser or Firefox 57 is now available for all the Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. The Quantum Project was announced in October 2016 in order to compete with top browsers.

The new Mozilla Firefox Quantum browser promises to be 30% lighter than the Chrome and 2x faster speed than its previous firefox. It got the smooth browsing whether you open 10 or 1000 tabs switching between the tabs is no longer a time consumption. The design has also been improved to give it a better look.

A new CSS engine has been shipped to which takes advantages of today’s hardware and are optimized to lower the power consumptions.

The Mozilla Firefox Quantum has more than per installed 60 search providers pre-installed over 90 languages and which according to Mozilla is the largest variety of search providers.

In the browser war, Google Chrome dominates other providers. Users are already posting Chrome vs Quantum browser results.

Speaking of the new Quantum browser David Bryant says many trials have been made by our research team to know how people browse the web and make the most convenient browser for the effective use. More than 700 authors have contributed in making the code to Firefox since August 6, 2017.