Micromax starts offering 100-day replacement Warranty for select Feature phones

Image Source: Micromax

Micromax in the event of competing with the other mobile companies in the Indian market is set out with a strategy to provide better service to their loyal customers. The company has come out with a plan to replace selected feature phones bought from them in case of the any issue if faced within 100 days of the phone purchase.

The company seems to concentrate on the service being provided to its customers by investing more time in this field as Micromax knows that there would be no better technique than better service being provided to them.

The Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer, Shubhodip Pal said, “In the last few quarters, we have invested heavily and worked diligently to improve our service experience. We have a large base of feature phone users and for these valued users one of the key proposition for buying their phone is a great after sale service experience. Taking our promise, a step ahead, we are now bringing a care free user experience for all the feature phone customers offering them full replacement within 100 days of purchase, if any problem arises. The service team is working towards improving the overall customer service experience at the service centers, which includes building a more professional environment, getting the service right at first shot and recruiting trained service executives amongst some of the other initiatives.”

The company according to the 100 day replacement offer that is provided to the selected feature phones, would replace the same in the event of the phone failing with respect to its software. Also if hardware issue persists in the feature phones, an equivalent phone or the same phone model, as the case may be would be replaced.

Currently, the replacement offer has been provided by Micromax to ten of its feature phones which include- Micromax X1i, Micromax x706, Micromax x424, Micromax x740, Micromax x730, Micromax x904, Micromax x570, Micromax x512, Micromax x412, and Micromax x726 phones.

For the above mentioned feature phones to avail the offer for replacement, the phones have be covered under 1 year warranty. Micromax currently has 1,000 service centers across India. The company reported that 68 percent of customer complaints were solved by it within the same day and mostly 90 percent of the complaints are reported to be solved within a week.

The company also stated another offer for Micromax Canvas 2, under which the company promised one-year screen replacement for the model and for Micromax Dual 5 a Damage Protection Plan.

Looks like Micromax knows the nerves of the people and is tapping the market based on the best offer given to them so that they stick to the company’s products.

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