MCC amends Laws to give Protection to Wicketkeepers from Flying Bails

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Marylebone Cricket Club(MCC), London has taken some steps towards the protection of wicketkeepers during the match from the sort of dangerous eye injuries. An of eye injury in a similar fashion had ended the career of many wicketkeepers, recent shocking one being of Mark Boucher, the South African cricketer who was forced to retire early.

The eye injuries from the bails are rear, but at the same time, their consequences can be devastating. The Mark Boucher had suffered the lacerated sclera at that time which infected the outer layer of the eyeball. However, the operation saved his eye, but he lost his lens, iris as well as a pupil with the infection called photophobia i.e. a kind of sensitivity to bright light.

In similar fashion, the career of the England cricket team batsman cum wicketkeeper Paul Downton was ended in 1990. The Indian wicketkeeper MS Dhoni was also struck by a bail very close to his eye, although while batting during a T-20 match against Zimbabwe in 2016.

The recent alteration to the Law 8.3 will implement some mechanisms to tether the bails to the stumps, without putting a limitation in an ability to be dislodged. If this thing can prevent someone’s loss to the eyesight, then it can be worth considering.

Other laws that have been modified along with the law for the protection of wicketkeeper, according to MCC officials.

The law for handling the ball has been deleted and merged with obstructing the field. The law for the lost ball has been deleted and now covered under the dead ball rule. Along with this thing, the new law injuries can be prevented that can allow some mechanisms for tethering the Bails in stumps. Now deliberate front foot “No Balls” will be treated just similar to the full tosses. There will be “In match” consequences a player has to face for the poor on-field behavior. At last another law that is the laws related to non-striker end has been changed.

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