Kalabhairav Jayanti 2018: The festival Mahakaal Bhairav on November 10

Also known as ‘Mahakaal Bhairavashtami’ or ‘Kala Bhairav Ashtami’ the 'Kalabhairav Jayanti' is the festival celebrated by the Hindus.

It is the festival dedicated to Lord Kaal Bhairav, who is regarded as the fearsome form of Lord Shiva. The festival celebrated on the ‘ashtami’ (8th day) of the ‘Krishna Paksha’ (the period of the waning phase of moon), commemorates the birth anniversary of Kala Bhairav. If the festival falls on Tuesday or Sunday, the same is regarded to be more sacred.

Kala Ashtami is observed every month during Ashtami Tithi of Krishna Paksha. Devotees of Lord Bhairav keep fast and worship Him on all Kalashtami days of the year. The significance is that Kalabhairav Jayanti, falls in the month of Margashirsha according to North Indian, Purnima to Purnima, lunar month calendar while Kalabhairav Jayanti falls in the month of Kartik in Hindu calendar, Amavasya to Amavasya, lunar month calendar.

However, both calendars observe Kalabhairav Jayanti on the same day. It is believed that Lord Shiva has appeared in form of Bhairav on the same day.

Resolving the bad times to good is the with Blessings Of Akasha Bhairava is the belief followed on Kala Bhairava Jayanthi.

The Propitious Vedic fire Rituals to the God of Time make sure that your tough times never last. This month the festival is Scheduled live on November 10, 2018, 6 PM IST. Kalabhairava mantra is repeated a number of times on the day.

On the day of Kalabhairav, Jayanti devotees worship Lord Kala Bhairav along with Shiva and Parvati with fruits, flowers, and sweets. After waking up in the early hours of morning devotees, take a ritualistic bath to perform special pujas and rituals for their dead ancestors on this day of Kalabhairav Jayanti. They also chant the Kal bhairav mantras dedicated to Bhairav and perform the ‘aarti’ at midnight with traditional musical instruments like drums, bells and conches.

Strict fasting during the day on Kalabhairav Jayanti is also observed by some of the devotees. Lord Kala Bhairav is believed to ride on a dog and hence, in some regions dogs are also fed with milk and sweets on this day.

People visit the temples in the evening and participate in the ‘Shodashopachar Puja’.

Sunrise 10-Nov-2017 06:41 AM
Sunset 10-Nov-2017 17:40 PM
Ashtami Tithi Begins 10-Nov-2017 14:50 PM
Ashtami Tithi Ends 11-Nov-2017 13:30 PM

Hindu legends states, when Lord Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh were discussing their superiority, Lord Shiva got infuriated by some remarks of Brahma. Lord Bhairav then appeared from Shiva’s forehead and severed one head of Lord Brahma, leaving Him with four heads.

Lord Bhairav is seen holding a rod to punish the sinners and rides on a dog. Worshipping Lord Kala Bhairav on this day bestows good health and success. It is also believed that by worshipping Lord Kala Bhairav all the ‘Rahu’ and ‘Shani’ doshas can be nullified.

Happy Jalaram Jayanti wishes | Chhath Puja

Let the Good times be with the one and all during this time of festival is the thought and belief of all, at least in here when it comes to festivals such as this one and much more.


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