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Jalaram Jayanti is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Hindu saint Jalaram Bapa. The Jayanti is celebrated all over the world in the Jalaram Bapa's temple mostly by Gujarati's. It's celebrated on the seventh day of Kartika month, which is the first month according to Gujarati Calendar and falls soon after Diwali. This year i.e on Jalaram Jayanti 2018 falls on Friday 14 November.

When is Jalaram Jayanti?

If you are looking for Jalaram Jayanti date then let me tell you that it's celebrated on the seventh day of Kartika month of Hindu Calendar.

Birth of Jalaram Bapa

When was Sant Jalaram born? Wife, father, mother family details

Jalaram Bapa was born in Virpur, Rajkot district, Gujarat, India on 1799 on the November 14 one week after India's biggest festival Diwali. His father Pradhan Thakkar was a businessman and mother Rajbai Thakkar was a great devotee of God. She had a desire that his second son would follow her and become a great personality. Her second son was none other than Jalaram Bapa. They were altogether six siblings.

Jalaram was a great devotee of Lord Rama. He always enchanted Ram, Ram!

Jalaram always had a desire to server saints and sadhu's but his father wanted him to join the business. At the age of 16, Jalaram married Virbai of Atkot(Jalaram bapa wife). He was forced to marry Virabi but his wife proved to him as an asset and worked along with him in serving poor and needy.

Jalaram Bapa guru: Jalaram became the disciple of Guru Bhoja Bhagat (Bhojalram) at the age of 18. With the blessing of his Guru, he and his wife opened "Sadavrat" a center where all the people are fed irrespective of caste and religion.

Jalaram Jayanti Virpur

Jalaram Jayanthi at Virpur is celebrated in a grand style.

One fine day a Saint came to Jalaram and said that he would be soon followed by a devotee of Lord Rama. Very soon after few days, a deity of Lord Hanuman who was a great follower of Lord Rama appeared from the earth.

Due to this miracle, people started following Jalaram Bapa.

Jalaram Bapa Story

A man named Haraji was suffering from stomach ache and he went to Jalaram for getting cured. Bapa enchanted Rama, Rama and prayed to God to cure him.

He became soon well and Bapa's followers increased in numbers.

Jalaram Bapa Death

Jalaram Bapa died peacefully on 23 February 1881 during the prayers. Jalaram Bapa main shrine is in Virpur and its located near Rajkot in Gujarat. The temple has been constructed in the place where Jalaram Bapa lived.

The temple also has a black and white portrait of Jalaram Bapa which was taken one year before his death. Thousands of followers will be there celebrating the Jayanti on 27th this year at Virpur.

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Jalaram Bapa temples can be found in India in various small towns and cities. Outside India, temples are located in United States of America, United Kingdom, New Zealand and East Africa.

Jalaram Jayanti Wishes

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Jalaram Jayanti Quotes


Happy Jalaram Jayanti wishes to you and your family

Lekar Prabhu Ka Naam, Jai Jalaram! Jai Jalaram

Hey Ram! Hey Ram! Jai Jalaram

Bhagat shri Jalaram Bapa ni Jayanti na hardik ambinadan

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Jalaram Jayanti Date 2018

Jalaram Jayanti day in 2018: November 14, 2018

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I hope you have a peaceful Jalaram Jayanti day.

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