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Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that was started with a mission to change education for the better. Today the Educational system concentrates on Creative Teaching Methodology with the introduction of Online Classes and PowerPoint teaching manners. It’s the most preferred way to learn free online courses and practice subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Finance and lot many.

The vision possessed by Salman Khan(not the famous Bollywood actor Salman), who is regarded as a globally renowned educator and thought the leader in the field of education, is to deliver creative teaching based on technology.

The non-profit edu-tech company has recently introduced a list of new features that tend to make classes informative and useful.

Important features

User-friendly approach to personalization

Maths and Physics have been aligned as per the present Indian curriculum. The coaching dashboard has been made user-friendly for the students as well as the centers.

To top it all, the academy has an easy way for registration. The academy registers information on your focused subjects so as to make your experiences over the platform more personalized.

Teachers’ assignment structure:

There are articles, exercises, and videos over a vast range of subjects and grades. The assignments can either be made for the whole class or for a specific number of students. Khan Academy app enables the children to look at the assignments given.

Once the students complete assignments, the teachers will get the completion of the reports. This will allow the teachers to see the status of his/ her whole class as well the performance of each student in detail.

Reports that identify the actual needs of learning

The reports of the student’s performance depicted in the report cards lead to be very useful for teachers so as to identify at what levels are their students right now and what all improvements are needed.

This will also assist the teachers to identify the most challenging problems in the class and the required efforts to be put in in order to fill the gaps/ needs of individual students.

Khan Academy concentrates on the quality of the content and the technology behind the platform including the new coach tools are really is admirable.

Mechanics To Strengthen Learning

‘Practiced level’ on the relevant skill helps the concentration on required stages. Students will be encouraged to enhance their performance and achieve the success rate of 100% based on the techniques induced into the children. Thereafter, this performance will get reflected in their assignment report.

Quiz factor implementation

Conducting of quizzes that have been included to check for understanding on additional skills. Also, a final unit test will be conducted that combines problems from all skills within the unit to help students assess their progress.

On the concluding aspect, Khan Academy offers more than 5,500 instructional videos, of which approximately 3,500 are about Math, and they continue to be extremely popular.

Again, more than 100,000 practice Math problems that students can complete at their own pace.

Khan Academy encourages greater independence in learning. The articulated way of teaching approach has shown improvement in student test scores along with improvements in three of the four self-reported non-achievement outcomes – Math anxiety, math self-concept, and academic efficacy.

The best choice would be made on the review hence made!

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Written by Meenakshi Vanidasan

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