Leaked Secret Documents reveals Facebook Content Moderation Guidelines

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There is a lot of publicity with regard to the social media Facebook’s platform. However, there are certain standards that form the base for the post-moderation. A collection of secret documents were leaked online revealing Facebook content moderation guidelines relating to child abuse to terrorism propaganda, hate speech, violence and to live Facebook suicides. These disturbing findings were reported by The Guardian in a post early today.

Off late there was a removal of an account of a person from another noted social media platform due to the direct personal attack on the character of the other person through the former’s post. Hence, the importance of a post that goes public would refer to the fact that the implication on the viewer has to be or may be positive or otherwise.

Facebook, keeping in mind these things have made sure on the ‘standards’ which had to be set so as to regulate the posts with an equal effort laid on the space of ‘leeway’ specified accordingly.

‘Guardian investigation’ has revealed for the first time, Facebook’s decision on the display of the posts or videos, which would affect the users while viewing. The revealed ‘Leaked documents’ have stated that “Not all disagreeable or disturbing contents violate our community standards”. Guardian quoted this statement as told by Facebook. A couple of days back, we reported on how minors are soft targeted for Cyber Bullying on Facebook & other social media sites.

The following are some of them regarded to be classified as ‘disturbing content’ or ‘disagreeable content’ by the Leaked documents:

Child Abuse – As per the guideline’s investigation, Facebook agrees to display a Non-Sexual abuse, which needs to be brought into light and as far as it has no influence of high voice towards glorifying it. However, visuals will be tagged ‘disturbing’ if they show a celebratory effect on the post or even a sadist opinion is found there.

Threat – the words that are threatening, which would not be too personal, could be used as far as they are not on a respectful designation, especially relevant to – May be a head of State, where the comment which is passed to ‘subdue’ the character of a person or even to hurt a person who is on a high position would not be entertained by Facebook. Hence, one cannot use the words like Kill, shoot etc in this regard.

The same goes with the ‘Violence’ and ‘death’. Videos or posts that mutilate such acts would be termed as ‘disturbing’.

Nearly three thousand (3000) moderators are used to ‘sterilize’ or ‘filter’, the terms that would lead to mutilated comments or views of the viewers so that the platform is used for the useful filled ambiance and for a cause of help.

The ‘disturbing’ content (as termed so) also would include the posts that have plainness, digitally projected in terms of the body of a person. A person has to be above eighteen years to view a ‘disturbing content’ and has to specifically choose it.

“We occasionally see particular moments or public events that are part of a broader public conversation that warrant leaving this content on our platform,” said Monika Bickert, Facebook’s Public Policy Director referring to the regulating system, which Facebook is going to implement accordingly.

The company would find it difficult to segregate the closest contents in terms of ‘disturbing’, however, more force is required to be employed by Facebook to police against such contents. It is also concentrating on the News Feed in order to improve the content and thereby avoid the misleading of viewers through the links posted.