Lays Just Made America Local Cuisine Come Alive in 8 Awesome Chips Flavors

Crispy Chips

And no wonder, they are named “Taste of America”! Frito Lay is planning its biggest ever launch this summer with eight new flavors of their much-loved chips, representing  America’s local cuisine and distinctive taste across the country. An honor to the varying flavors Americans have grown up with and bringing it all with a bang, packing this punch into potato chips, is indeed an idea we would soon want a bite of!

As Senior Director of Marketing at Frito-Lay, Tina Mahal says, each flavor was picked basis consumer feedback in different regions. Quoting Tina “This is just a part of our DNA now, listening to consumers,” “What we did was tap into those places that had the inspiration that popped the most.”  Mahal added that Lay’s took a new approach in offering these selected flavors only in the relevant regions as a part of their efforts to acknowledge consumers and their roots within those areas. “People feel a deep connection to home,” said Mahal. “They also feel that they want their brands to understand them.

The flavors of Tastes of America include cajun spice; chile con queso; crab spice; deep dish pizza; fried pickles with ranch; lobster roll; pimento cheese; and Thai sweet chili. You would find each of these in stores from 31st July through September. For a taste of all eight flavors, head to,,

And here’s the list of Lay’s fantastic summer collection, honoring America’s distinct taste from coast to coast. Go grab your pack!

  • Cajun Spice (Central Gulf): inspired by the much-loved  Jambalaya and Blackened Cajun Chicken, this power pack brings out a heady mix of flavors from garlic, paprika, onion, and oregano. This flavor would be first unveiled at the Louisiana Shrimp and Petroleum Festival in Morgan City, La. from August 31 to September 2.
  • Chile Con Queso (Texoma, Mountain, SoCal): Hailing from a favorite of Southwest, Tex-Mex queso comes alive with an exotic dash of spice. Head to Houston Food Fest on August 18 for a taste on August 18.
  • Crab Spice (Mid-Atlantic): creating a taste of the Bay, reminiscent of those crab shacks along the coast, is this flavor which comes with custom-blended spices. The release of this awesome flavor would take place in August 18 at Chesapeake Crab & Beer Festival in National Harbor, Md.
  • Deep Dish Pizza (Heartland & Mid-America): honoring the deep dish pizza by the iconic Giordano’s pizza recipe, this flavor launch will take place at Navy Pier in Chicago, Ill., on August 11.
  • Fried Pickles with Ranch (Midwest): Take A trip down memory lane to the Midwest state fairs and try out this classic flavor. A deep-fried fav amongst all, head to Missouri State Fair in Sedalia, Mo., from August 16 – 18, with Hannah Hart on August 16, to witness the unveiling.
  • Lobster Roll (Northeast): the popular coastal flavor of fresh lobster comes alive with this awesome flavor, served on a buttery grilled roll. The celebration takes place at Maine Lobster Festival in  Rockland, Maine from August.
  • Pimento Cheese (Southeast): the charm of southern flavor takes life in a taste of sharp cheddar with a hint of cayenne pepper. Witness the unveiling of this exotic taste Jekyll Island, Ga. from September 14 to 16. 
  • Thai Sweet Chili (Pacific Northwest):  remember the food trucks of Pacific Northwest and you would immediately relate to this flavor, blending perfectly sweet chili sauce and heat. Head to Bite of Seattle from July 20 – 22, with Hannah Hart on July 20 to celebrate the launch.

The “Summer of Flavor” from Frito Lay is indeed a tribute to the taste of America! As aptly put by Senior Director, Lay’s Marketing Sarah Guzman “From Thai Sweet Chili in the Pacific Northwest, to Deep Dish Pizza in the Heartland or Cajun Spice in the Central Gulf, we wanted to honor the beloved flavors that remind our fans of home by making ‘Tastes of America’ our biggest flavor launch yet”