Lakshmi Coin or JioCoin will be India’s own Crypto Currency

Lakshmi coin

With the Bitcoin architecture, the Indian Government seems like is stern on getting the cryptocurrency on ‘desk’ with full-fledged effect. Not only here in India, but also around the world, the digital currency has taken a stand and is seemingly getting more of a reference and importance in the ‘take’ decided on it. Soon, there will be either Lakshmi Coin or JioCoin in India as cryptocurrency gets a name.

A system called ‘Lakshmi Coin’ aka ‘Blockchain’ is in the process which is the distributed digital ledger and technology that supports cryptocurrencies. The same has been developing by the related sources and is expected to be in the course of action to be a part of this process.

The alternative to the Indian Rupee, for digital transactions, has been planned by RBI. RBI’s own cryptocurrency which would become an alternative to the Indian rupee for digital transactions is the statement that needs to be believed. RBI’s own Bitcoin can be named Lakshmi after the Hindu goddess of wealth is what is in the ‘talks’.

The lenders and tech companies have been brought together by State Bank of India in order to set up the ‘Blockchain technology’. The bank has got the christened Bankchain, in partnership with IBM, Microsoft, Skylark, KPMG and 10 commercial banks.

Under the ‘Blockchain’, the concept so decided aims at a centralized registry that can be accessed by all members, and every event is registered as an unalterable ‘block’. It should be noted that, even though RBI has cautioned usage of domestic cryptocurrencies, a domestic Bitcoin exchange was seen stating- “growing acceptance of Bitcoins as one of the most popular emerging asset class.” The company that was launched in 2015 has seen an immense growth as the company added 2,500 users a day and had reached five lakh downloads.
The experts from RBI are examining the possibility of a fiat cryptocurrency in this regard and seems to be on board very soon. On the other hand, even countries like China, where The People’s Bank of China has started their trials on the same. The bank is regarded as the first major central bank to issue digital money.

It should be recollected here that Google’s Tez money has created wonders for the company.
The Blockchain concept has been the aspect of the joint research project by The Bank of Japan and the European Central Bank. The Dutch Bank also is on the list of creating its own cryptocurrency for the purpose of internal circulation so that it knows and gets clarity on how it works.

Lakshmi Coin Trade

The former chairman of the US Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke, was the keynote speaker at a Blockchain and banking conference in October 2017, that was hosted by Ripple, (the startup behind the fourth largest digital currency). He ascertained that the digital currencies showed a “long-term promise”.

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Lakshmi Coin Launch Date

There are no dates announced yet regarding Lakshmi Coin release date.

JioCoin Release Date

The next big revolution from Reliance will be in cryptocurrency in India will be through JioCoin. Reliance is actually preparing to launch the Jio Coin by the end of the year. Will it be name something other like Rel Coin, Reliance Coin, Reli Coin or even India Coin?

As the users, we would hope the best to be in our transactions and we hope that the ‘Blockchain’ concept would reduce the hassles caused or that cost our ‘buck’ in the bank.