Kroger’s ClickList Fills Two Needs With One Deed – Digital Shopping Experience And Employment Surge

Kroger Unravels Kroger Ship as The New Online Grocery Delivery Service

Kroger Co., the 133-year-old traditional supermarket chain has ventured into the digital shopping space with the launch of their online shopping portal ‘ClickList.’ The app, which has fast gained popularity, is truly the face of a revised digital grocery shopping experience. The brand chain not only aims to enhance customer shopping experience to another level but also promises to create employment opportunities in the technology sector.

ClickList is a digital application that enables the customer to shop groceries through a mobile application or through a computer while sitting at home. There’s no guessing the multiple benefits this app provides. One, through a series of clicks, customers can shop from the comfort of their home and second, it allows a hassle-free experience of mindful shopping without having to worry about leaving the kids back at home or commute inconvenience.

This is a great offering for a busy shopper. Life becomes easy when you select grocery items online and it automatically gets to your car seat without having to go through the pain of walking and selecting amongst a hundred shelves. I am now over with kids fighting in the grocery store,” says Barbara Ong, a proud Kroger ClickList customer.

Jessica Miles, Kroger Mid-Atlantic Division’s eCommerce Manager further added, “After witnessing a huge success in West Virginia, we plan a heavy involvement in this project for the current year. After 20 upgrades to Kroger stores in Mid- Atlantic, eight more are planned with four opening in August itself. Our customers are excited, and we have got a great feedback till date. They are totally in love with the Running Total cost feature in the app.

And why wouldn’t they be happy with ClickList? It is attractive for the millenials, convenient for physically impaired or older people and for even those individuals who do not wish to walk around an 80,000 square-foot store. A refined, systematic technology that allows you to call a number and within 10 minutes you’re on your way back!

Kroger’s digital operations are not only exciting for the customers but also beneficial for those seeking job prospects in the technology sector. Kroger Technology employs 2,500 resources around the world and the ClickList project aims to further open a huge pool of employment opportunities in the tech sector. So if you are looking for a new job, you know where to apply!

The ClickList technology was first unravelled by an Ohio-based retail giant in 2016 and is now accessible at around 1,000 of its 2,800 stores in 35 states. With ClickList under its wings, Kroger plans to open a store in Cross Lanes in early August. This technology will subsequently trickle down to the Huntington and Oak hill stores by the end of August.

Kroger’s plan to expand digitally through ClickList is adding to customers’ shopping convenience, however, the contribution to the grocery sector remains restricted. This is mainly because Kroger had adopted the digital technology quite late in 2015, much later than its mighty competitors namely Walmart and Amazon. This may possibly affect their database of loyal consumers. The service from Kroger has also been conservative till date, serving only 47 locations out of the 2,775 Kroger stores . Next 40 setups are planned in Texas by the end of the next financial year, opening a huge scope of revenue as well as employment opportunities.

Our new digital journey is an important go ahead towards creating a seamless grocery shopping experience for old, busy, handicapped or just lazy shoppers. The future of retail ventures into both physical and digital experiences and we are keen on investing in the digital technology infrastructure”, says Yael Cosset, Kroger’s chief digital officer.

Fingers crossed!