Kannada Language will be Compulsory in Colleges and Universities: KDA

Karnataka State
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Kannada language seems to take its place in colleges as well in Karnataka after getting it compulsory at school. As per the Kannada Development Authority (KDA) Kannada language is made compulsory in all the Colleges and Universities in Karnataka. The decision was taken by the Vice-Chancellors of various universities and KDA chief S.G.Siddaramaiah.

Off late the language ‘Kannada’ was made mandatory in all the schools in the State irrespective of boards across the State.

At present, Karnataka State Higher Education Council has been ordered to arrange a panel to frame textbooks for the same. As per the Chief Minister Sri Siddaramaiah the higher educational institutes should have ‘Kannada’ subject in under graduation, post-graduation and professional courses for the first two years.

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The implementation would be gauged by the KDA which has set up a committee directed by Mallika S Ghanti, Vice Chancellor (VC) of Kannada University, Hampi. The committee has to submit a report as to how to implement ‘Kannada’ in the said streams as mentioned above. So stern is the application of the said procedure.

One of the Vice Chancellors pointed a concern on the implementation towards the students who come from other states for professional courses to Karnataka, but otherwise, the inmates of Karnataka would not find it difficult though.

In order to resolve the issue, circulars have to be sent to all affiliated colleges so that they recruit Kannada teachers on priority in professional universities.

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Most of the time it is obvious that the language in each state has its importance and here too, the ‘save’ factor is attached to the language being compulsory in the state.

There is hope that there would be lenience provided to the students who come to the state from different parts of the country after considering the required base and alternative decided on. This is again a formal thought and not a sure-to-do aspect as the news hence written above is as per the source written on platform concerned.