Jason Jordan & Seth Rollins become new RAW Tag Team Champions

Jason and Seth WWE Tag Team Champions
Image Courtesy : Twitter @WWE

Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan become new RAW Tag Team Champions after they defeated Cesaro and Sheamus on RAW December 25 episode.

After Dean Ambrose was injured a couple of days back, Seth Rollins had to adjust with Jason Jordan to take their fight on Cesaro and Sheamus which has dominated the tag team section on RAW since a couple of months now.

Jason Jordan was forced to team up with Seth Rollins by RAW General Manager and his father Kurt Angle. It was a golden opportunity for Jason as he is knocking the doors for any title opportunity for a couple of weeks now. Both Rollins and Jason paired up for the first time in-ring and who would have imagined that they could win on first attempt itself. Looks like the RAW Tag Team Champions considered them lightly.

Quite interestingly, on December 18 RAW episode, Seth Rollins fought with Jason Jordan after both wanted to battle Samoa Joe.

Up next week you will see Seth and Jason holding the title and Cesaro and Sheamus might be looking to regain their titles.

Seeing them win the tag titles honestly caught me off guard. Congratulations and Merry Christmas to both of them. With this win, two of the SHEILD members now holds atleast one WWE RAW title each. It’s time for Dean Ambrose to go for Intercontinental Championship.

Here is the official video of the match –