On iPhone’s 10th Anniversary, Apple hits 1.2 Billion Smartphones Sale

Apple iPhone Sales Figure
Source: Statista

On the 10th anniversary of iPhone, Apple Inc. hit 1.2 Billion iPhones sale mark. According to data shared by Statista, an analytics firm, the Cupertino-based iPhone maker on June 29 crossed the 1.2 billion figure with an estimated earning tot up to $738 billion USD.

This is approximately $100 billion in net profit and in more than $700 billion in revenue from iPhone alone and adds to significantly to Apple’s enormous cash pile swelled to $256.8 billion USD.

Apple iPhone’s 1.2 billion shipped devices within 10 years from zero units to 1.2 billion tells us how quickly the firm has grown.

According to stats, company hit 100 million units in 2011, 200 million in 2012, 500 million in 2013 and 1 billion in 2016.

By the end of July 2016, the tally has grown to 1.16 billion devices. iPhone as a single piece product has transformed Apple from a company with $19 billion in annual sales (2006) to most valuable brand in the world. It racked up $216 billion in revenue in the latest fiscal year.

If you break down 1.2 billion devices sale, it comes to interesting figures as –

  • 13,698 phones per hour
  • 328,767 phones per day
  • 2,301,369 phones per week
  • 9,863,010 phones per year

Interesting that comes to staggering 228 iPhone units in sales worldwide in a minute on average.

This year at fall event, the company is expected to launch three iPhone models. Apart from a regular sized device, a larger Plus variant and premium iPhone 8 will be unveiled with the price estimated to be over $1000.