iPhone 8 going well but iPhone 7 is the most sold iPhone in Q3

The introduction of iPhone 8 seems to be leveled under the heat and sobered with the exploring concept. Analyst firm Canalys says that iPhone 8 hasn’t been a success as compared iPhone 7, atleast that speaks in terms of sales. Let’s get deeper into it. The amount of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models shipped were 11.8 million units during the third quarter this year.

Again, the number of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus shipped were seemingly higher than the above models.

The iPhone 7 is the most popular smartphone in the world, with an estimated 13 million units shipped, while the two-year-old iPhone 6S came in second with an estimated 7.9 million units shipped as consumers jumped from wireless carriers claimed the new devices were being outsold by the iPhone 7.

Online retailers in China have tried their best to push the sales of iPhone 8 by discounting the price. Different options have been found in the iPhone line at better accessible prices due to which the company was able to ship a combined 46.7 million units during the quarter (a number that was confirmed by Tim Cook on the company’s quarterly earnings call). This perhaps was a ‘coaxing effect’ by the company to generate revenue.

iPhone 6S came in second with an estimated 7.9 million units shipped.

Considering for last so many models of Apple introduced by the company, the demand, however, seems to be within the reach and maybe this was a cover-up for all those non-supportive comments that did not help much in the increase of the demand.

Hence, Apple Inc. does not worry about the so-called ‘lowering of the market’ for iPhone 8 as critics expected. The people want iPhones, even if they’re not buying the brightest, newest model.

This means that Apple is seemed to go just fine even with laggard iPhone 8 shipments, and next quarter will likely be even bigger. iPhone 8 Plus was the more successful device, 6.3 million of the 11.8 million total, while the standard 8 variant accounted for the other 5.4 million units.

Apple still holds the high position of demand and this has been the reason for the ‘no effect’ on the reduction of the sale to a great extent.

Source: Canalys

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