Leaked iPhone 8 Case confirms Vertical Camera set up

Apple iPhone 8 Case

From past few days, the news on Apple is filling the grounds of enthusiasm. It is rumored that Apple is going to launch its new series, iPhone 8 and which is due in the month of September. Leaks state that the announcement of iPhone 8 is expected to be done during the WWDC conference, which would be held in the month of June. The 10th anniversary for Apple has ample of things to reveal and entice the crowd.

Apple iPhone 8 Case

No hard evidence with regard to the physical appearance of the phone can be told at this point of time as the company has to reveal it yet. The features are the most talked about as Apple Inc. has surprised the audience using its products every time it brought something new into the market.Apple iPhone 8 Case

The image hence revealed by sources say that the left side of the phone has the volume button and mute switch. The power button is on the right side of the phone. A little resemblance to iPhone 7 is seen, wherein the bottom of the product has featured the speakers/microphone grill. The Lightning port is in the middle, replacing 3.5 mm audio jack port, which is not a new thing as we have seen this on last year launched iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

According to reports the issue relating to the Touch ID was sorted out between Apple and its suppliers and hence the phone is ready for being ramped up in the month of June.

The design for the phone is all set. It is said that the phone would be a 5.2-inch device with no physical front button. There is a vertical dual-camera that is setup on the back and a protective case is wrapped around its frame.

The Touch ID is embedded in the display and the curved OLED display with Ion-X glass form one of the major features. It also has wireless charging, Dual-lens camera (could be the vertical configuration), support for Apple Pencil and much more.

It should be noted here that from 2012 (when iPhone 5 was launched), the major introductions have been done in the month of September, so called as fall event and 2018 is going to be a big year. Cupertino tech giant has planned to launch iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus as well at the event.

This fall is going to be yet another surprise with the adequate flagship introduced by the company as per the sources.