Hyderabad Police arrested a Techie against Live Streaming of Sexual Activities with his Wife

Police Arrest
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A Software Engineer from Hyderabad recently got arrested for ‘live-streaming’ of sexual activities with his wife in return for money. The case is about a small town boy whose native is on the outskirts of Hyderabad, Telangana, who has come into the picture for his inhuman and malicious crime.

The Hyderabad Police Cyber Cell came into action when a lady filed a complaint against the porn website who was broadcasting the private moments with her husband on Internet. The officers have not mentioned the names because “She has asked not to make the case public because her reputation is at stake,” as said by cybercrime assistant commissioner Mr. S. Jayram while giving a statement to the Hindustan Times.

The police officers traced an IP address of the website which is from Thrissur, Kerala and interrogated the cyber person. The team pulled up their socks and gone deep into the minute details of the case and investigated the bank transactions, call details and messages of the accused and got the strong proofs which confirmed the police officials about the planned crime by the culprit.

The accused is mentally sick and addicted towards the pornographic movies since childhood and therefore he decided to make instant money by live streaming the private moments with his wife. The techie confessed that he use to fix the laptop in the room from where the wife’s activities were captured while his face remained hidden.

The police commissioner Mr. Jayram has given the statement that the accused is into custody under section 509, 67 and 66-E for publishing private materials and violating an individual’s private life.