Walmart Starts on the Whole Foods Segment with a Premium Coffee Brand!

Walmart Inc. has introduced a new line of Organic Coffee made by a roaster in Colorado exclusively across its 1200 stores, taking a head-on battle with who has been the sole seller of this coffee brand.

Mash-up Coffee, as it is called, is produced by Denver based Boyer’s Coffee and will now be available on exclusive Walmart stores or the Mash-up Website. The price per coffee bag is rated to be 7$ which is roughly similar to the Starbucks coffee bag sold at Walmart, which usually segments in the high-end coffee section at the retailer store.

Walmart was keen on gaining knowledge about the third wave of coffee and hence contacted Boyer’s Coffee last year. The third wave refers to the modernization and premiumization of the caffeine fix for US consumers who are seeking further innovations to the coffee segment. Over years, people have moved from the conventional Folgers and Maxwell house to Starbucks, looking for something different.

Jason Barrow, One of the Luna Gourmet brothers, running Boyer’s parent company, further said, ‘They looked at us to give them knowledge on this coffee segment. We knew it shall be a strong competition with Starbucks while we pushed this coffee in the Walmart market.’