Google offering up to $10,000 for Developing Google Home and Google Assistant Apps

Google Developer Challenge

Google’s I/O 2017 was well applauded and appreciated by the audience who saw it all over the world not just by being there, but also by viewing this exciting event on the Internet live.

Now, if you want to be there next year in the Google I/O 2018 then you could just get into a contest that Google has come up with, where the developer’s actions on Google Assistant would be reviewed and applied if found the best.

‘Actions’ is regarded as the platform, where the developers build Google Assistant interactions, whether it is iOS, Android or Google Home. This has been opened since last December, whereby the functionalities of the regular apps can be extended with the help of Assistant-enabled features.

Google’s contest motivates and attracts more interesting and new apps. The developers, as per the contest, are welcomed to bring out their innovation on the platform, ‘Action’.

The apps can be submitted to Google and based on these the Google experts will select the best; the apps hence selected would be awarded. The timeframe for the submission is till August 31, 2017.

There are rewards for “best voice only interaction”, “best life hack”, “most adaptive app” and “most fun distraction”. The number of apps that can be submitted would be three (3) per applicant.

Google’s Assistant is filled with immense potential and this contest is one way to exploit it to the best and get ‘the best’ out of the developers.

The grand prize of the contest is that, the winner gets a ticket to visit the next I/O 2018 event, a visit to the headquarters of Google, and a huge amount in the winner’s pocket which would be around $10,000.

Apart from these there are also more than 20 prizes which can be won. They include $7,500 and $5,000 as awards along with the Google Home devices. There would be 13 categories based on which the prizes are distributed.

One could also get help from website where, even the non-veteran web developers can take help in order to add voice interface to their applications.

More of developers are expected to upload the apps!